The Fastest Way to Get Paid for Wireless Communications, Telecommunications, and Horizontal Directional Drilling

KD Factors has been turning unpaid invoices into cash for small and medium-sized telecom industries for over fifteen years. An easy way of increasing cash flow to meet ongoing expenses without having to wait for payment of outstanding invoices, telecom invoice factoring can help you cover payroll, take on new jobs, invest in cutting edge technology, and boost growth.

As the need for high-speed data connections and long-distance telecommunications grows, so does the need for fiber optic cables. Accordingly, data providers must meet consumer demand while installing fiber optic cables in the most cost-efficient manner. Trenchless technology—via horizontal directional drilling—allows cable companies to lay fiber optic lines without digging a trench, making it a more time-efficient, environmentally friendly, safer, and more economical way to place the wires. KD Factors can provide your company with cash upfront to invest in horizontal directional drilling, allowing your business to stay on the cutting edge as well as cut costs, saving you money while boosting growth.

Wireless and telecommunications businesses that can benefit from invoice factoring include:

  • Cable TV Installers and Contractors
  • Satellite Dish Installers
  • Underground Utilities
  • Cable Testing and Diagnostics
  • Telecommunication Installers and Providers
  • Cell Tower Setup, Repair, and Maintenance
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Fiber Optics
benefits of invoice factoring in texas

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

  • Speed up cash flow to avoid pay gaps, so fiber optic cable installers and contractors can keep up with installation and repair demands
  • Access to a business line of credit to keep lease payments up
  • Reliable financing to purchase or upgrade equipment and invest in technology
  • Immediate cash to fund big installation jobs