The Fastest Way to Get Paid for Staffing

In a capital-intensive business like staffing, access to revenue to cover the costs of running your business can make all the difference in your company’s growth and success. But oftentimes, unpaid invoices tie up valuable resources, stymieing your ability to take on new clients, hire more workers, and expand your business.

However, by selling unpaid invoices to a factoring company, you can get access to working capital immediately rather than waiting for invoices to be paid, allowing you to cover payroll expenses, hire more workers, and increase your profitability.

Partnering with an invoice factoring company like KD Factors can provide critical cash flow to staffing agencies such as:

  • Medical Staffing
  • Temporary and Permanent Staffing
  • Nurse Staffing
  • IT Staffing
benefits of invoice factoring in texas

Benefits of Invoice Factoring

  • Immediate payroll funding to avoid pay gaps
  • Access to a business line of credit that meets your staffing requirements
  • Easy qualification and fast approval for loans that can be used for your specific business needs
  • Credit and financial resources for startups