City of Grapevine

KD Factors & Financial Services, LLC is an invoice factoring company in Grapevine, serving North Texas businesses. Our specialties include factoring for start-up companies and SES funding.


As a community-based company, our mission is to become the factoring solution of choice for businesses in Grapevine and all across North Texas.

We finance small to mid-size businesses by providing working capital through the purchase of accounts receivable (factoring). Unlike most factoring companies, we like working with start-up businesses and can offer unique financing strategies to fit individual situations. We realize that one size does not fit all. Every business is unique in formation, products and services, management style, operations, and business cycles.  We believe a factoring company should enable, not hinder, your growth.

Factoring for Start-ups
KD Factors believes that factoring companies should be willing to work with you in the beginning and not just once you’ve become established. With us, start-up companies are given favorable consideration. We have story after story of how we have took on a start-up company, worked closely with the owners and management, and helped them become successful. It takes more work, but we have great success stories, and have developed many loyal, long term clients.

SES Providers

We have formed a new group that specializes in providing much-needed working capital to those providing tutoring services through President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. Due to funding being done by government agencies, the SES provider usually does not get paid by the school district for 45–60 days (sometimes longer), and the money to meet payroll obligations on a weekly basis is just not there. That is where we come in. KD Factors provides this type of funding in several states, including Texas, Florida, Alabama, and North Carolina.


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